What is the shipping time?

  • The shipping time depends on your geographic location. We invite you to take a look at your invoice and see which shipping option you have selected.  

How do I track my order? (or the DHL tracking number does not work).

  • We always send an email with you tracking number when we fulfill your order. By clicking our the tracking provided in this email, a new page showing up the status of your order will open. 

How does the membership work?

  • Every month, Mooshe will send a package with 4 pairs containing our member-exclusive socks to our members. 
  • The payment is processed on the first day of every month.
  • Member orders will take 1 to 3 days to be processed
  • Packages are shipped via standard shipping directly to your home address on the first day of every month. 
  • To CANCEL your subscription, email us at : info@mooshe.ca

    I submitted the wrong shipping address, what can I do?

    • If you made a mistake while submitting your shipping address, simply send us your complete name, order # and the proper address where you wish to receive your order within 5 hours after ordering. We will be happy to make the necessary changes for you if it's not too late. 

    How can I cancel my membership 

    • Simply email us at : info@mooshe.ca

    What are the return or refund policies?

    • Depending on the circumstances (major defect or late package arrival), we will refund the socks, ship another pair or give a discount. If for any other reasons you want a refund, contact us at info@mooshe.ca
    • For more info : click here

    What size are the socks?

    • All socks are one size fits all, but the perfect fit would be between 4 and 9 us! :)